Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bo-Tyne Olé June 2, 2005-December 13, 2009

It is with sadness beyond words that I tell everyone that tonight I put Ole and her new litter she was carrying by Sooner to sleep.  4 days ago (day 22 into her pregnancy) she started vomiting.  Not uncommon for pregnancy.  I took her to the vet and was assured it was the pregnancy and we did an ultrasound and confirmed puppies.  The next day she was still vomiting but didn't even wanted to drink water now.  I was worried so took her to the vet again where I insisted they do blood work.  She was in full blown renal failure.  We immediately started treatment and transported her to the Emergency Clinic where she would stay and be treated for the whole weekend.  They started aggressive treatment knowing it would most definitely hurt the puppies but Olé came first to us all. Robbie, Sonya, Mary and I were there by her side.  Steadily I saw no improvement and by tonight the look in her eyes asked me to let her go.  I called all involved with her life and we decided per being at peace was the most important. She went very peacefully in Mary's and my arms.  I made a very hard choice to do an necropsy so that I would have answers not only for myself but for all you guys that have her kids.  
The vet knew how upset we were and did her necropsy right away.  She was shocked to see what she saw.  She had a large portion of her stomach and some area of her intestines leading from her stomach that she sent tissue to pathology but on her initial look was clearly very cancerous.  What type will have to come from the pathologist. Her spleen was clean as was her liver.  She has a suspicious area on her pancreas but suspected that was from the vomiting.  Her kidneys were slightly abnormal in shape but were the same on both sides so she see that as unremarkable.  Her ovaries and uterus was totally normal and she had 7 puppies.  Her heart was normal her lungs were as well.  She was in awe that she was in such amazing shape and was able to conceive with this going on inside her body.  There was nothing I/we/anyone could have done.  We were fight a losing battle that she suspects has been there for a while.  By the time we knew something was wrong and she showed any symptoms it was to late. I wanted to let you all know.  Hug your Olé babies for me!  They are very speical.....they are a "limited edition" as a friend of mine says!
Thanks to Mary Robbie and Sonya for all the support over the last terrible few days.  


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Puppies are all going home!!!!

Well, the time has come for all the puppies to move on to their new lives.  It is very bittersweet to watch them all go home.  I know they are going to wonderful homes and that is why I do this but I get attached to them so it is hard at the same time.  They are all in their forever homes.

Brick's Litter 

**PowerPlay is now On Target's Firewalker  "Cool" owned by Lynda Orton-Hill and will be doing agility in Ontario at the Say Yes! school where his new mommy is one of the instructors. 
**Enforcer is now On Target's Isn't It Obvious "Reason" owned by Karey Grisdale and co-owned by me.  He will be doing agility in Ontario at Say Yes!
**SlapShot  is now On Target's Full Throttle "Rev" and is owned by Nancy Brook and will be doing agility in San Diego, CA with Stacy Winkler at Pawsitive Action Training.
**Penalty is now On Target's Insurgent "Surge" and is owned by Shirley Hopkins and will be playing flyball with Run Free Flyball Club in BC Canada and dabbling in conformation.
**Goalie is now On Target's Fired Up "Singe" and is owned by Chris Hill and will be playing agility.

Envy's Litter

**Schroeder is now On Target's Ulterior Motive "Malice" owned by Lee Lardner and co-owned by me.  He will be playing flyball on the World Record holding Touch N Go flyball team in Las Vegas NV. 
**Lucy is now On Target's Status Symbol "Exclusive" (Lucy for short :) ) owned by Kysha Hunt and co-owned by me.  She will be doing agility in Ontario at Say Yes!
**Sally is now On Target's Total Eclipse "Luna" owned by Patty Englestad and will be doing agility in San Diego, CA with Stacy Winkler at Pawsitive Action Training.
**Marcie is now On Target's Celebration "Party" owned by Ginsey St. Criox and will be doing agility in Atlanta GA where her mommy is the owner/instructor of The Dog Place.
**Peppermint Patty is now On Target's All Charg'd Up "Visa" owned by Jennifer Groulx and will be doing agility in Ontario at Say Yes!

I can not wait to watch them all grow up and hear how they grow up into superstars! 

Puppies outside 11/18/2009


Sunday, November 15, 2009

What is going on with all the puppies you ask?

Well the Brick and Envy puppies are all getting ready to go to their new homes!  They have all been CERF'd normal and will be BAER tested in the morning.  They have been on 7 car rides with the longest being 1 hour each way.  They all did great.  They have been socialized with people of different race and nationality, elderly and children.  They have been around the constant construction at my house (current project turn garage into training area), they have been around the lawn crew every week, the trash truck twice a week, school bus daily and delivery trucks.  They have had baby agility equipment (Thanks AMY!!) wobble boards, lots of noise toys (Thanks ANNETTE & CHRISTINE!!), tugs of every fabric from fleece to rope to fur (Thanks CRYSTAL!!), they have interacted with older dogs, 1 year olds 6 months old or younger puppies, cats and been around my Conure and African Grey (THEY SCREAM!!) We have banged/thrown/slammed every pot, pan, crate we can find.  We have vacuumed next to them and infact inside the pen where they are and no one cares.  They have been bathed, dremeled, nails trimmed with clippers, feet & ears played with, teeth brushed, crated, introduced to treats and clicker training at it's very early beginnings. They run all over the house and outside. They have been on wood floor, linoleum, ceramic tile, rocks and grass.  They both have been great litters and I have enjoyed them.  I am very happy with both litter that is for sure.  I will be sad to see them all go but happy to see them all start their lives with new mommy's!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Updated Weights from 11/01/2009 Envy and Brick puppies

Envy Puppies 5  1/2 weeks:
Lucy 3 lbs 15 7/8 oz.
Peppermint Patty  4 lbs 3 7/8 oz.
Schroeder  3 lbs 9 7/8 oz.
Marcie  3 lbs 14 1/2 oz.
Sally  3 lbs 15 1/2 oz. 

Brick puppies 5 1/4 weeks:
Slapshot 3 lbs 12 3/4 oz
Penalty 2 lbs 14 12 oz
Power Play 3 lbs 15 7/8 oz
Enforcer  3 lbs 6 1/2 oz. 
Goalie 3 lbs 12 1/4 oz.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Envy and Brick's puppies video!

The Brick Envy puppies are 5 weeks.  They are starting to come into their own.  They love  toys and show great play drive.   They are starting to do little recalls.  They are eating twice a day and nursing for a snack.  They are riding in the shuttle, playing out side and have started the basics of clicker training individually.   We took some more photos for Halloween I will try to get them sent to Steph tomorrow.  They are VERY cute!  Here is a quick video to tide you all over!  Enjoy! video

Envy and Brick's puppies ride the shuttle and go outside FIRST TIME


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Updated Weights from 10/14/2009

Envy puppies 21 days old:
Lucy     38.25 oz
Schroeder  34.50 oz
Peppermint Patty    34.50 oz
Sally   36.80 oz
Marcie  37.75 oz

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quick update on Envy's puppies

Just a quick update on Envy puppies.  All eyes are open and they are walking!  They are starting to bark today. Hope you all saw and enjoyed the 2 week old photos from Wednesday's photoshoot!


All new 2 week old Brick puppy photos have been taken, cropped and sent to Steph.  She is not having a great on call week so please be patient! :)  She will get them up soon- no worries.  Stay tuned!  All puppies eyes are open and they are walking.

Brick's puppies 14 day old weights:
Penalty         23.75
SlapShot       28.50
Goalie           29.75
Enforcer       28.25
PowerPlay   28.75

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


All new photos up in Envy's puppy section, Enjoy!! Their eyes are starting to open today and they are walking around now!!
Here are the current weights...
Envy's puppies 14 days old
Sally     28.00 oz
Marcie  27.75 oz
Lucy      28.75 oz
Peppermint Patty   26.45 oz
Schroeder   28.50 oz

Monday, October 5, 2009

Brick X The Flash Litter Weights 1 week old

Brick Litter weights
Penalty      18.20 oz
SlapShot    23.75 oz
Power Play  23.50 oz
Enforcer    23.25 oz
Goalie        24.25 oz

New photos have been taken and should be up soooooon! Enjoy!
Also Frank Yang who own's The Flash stopped by on his way to a trial in TX.   He got to see the puppies and we got to meet The Flash and his son The Force.  I took family photos and will get them posted to Brick's puppy page under group shots and The Flash's section.  The Flash was a very  very HAPPY loving handsome dog.  The Flash tried his best to put some moves on Brick.  She was very sweet and just gave him her very best look saying "you are kidding right?". We are very glad Frank took the time to come see us!  

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vixen puppies Video 4 weeks old

All new photos of Vixen pups up today.  Here is a quick video of them!  Enjoy....


Scorch & Jedi puppies videos 5 weeks old

Here are some 5 week old videos.  The first one is them in the morning loading up in their "shuttle" to go to the yard to eat breakfast.  The second is them playing about an hour later after eating.  Hope you enjoy!!



Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Envy's Litter Update

New Envy puppy photos are up!!  Here is a quick video.  Remember they are only a week old! :)


Updated Weights from today 09/30/2009

Envy's Litter (7 days)
Lucy     20.50 oz
Schroeder    21.75 oz
Peppermint Patty    18.50 oz
Marcie     20.75 oz
Sally    19.45 0z

Brick's Litter (5 days)
Penalty    12.75 oz
SlapShot   15.75 oz
PowerPlay   16.00 0z
Goalie    17.50 oz
Enforcer     17.25 oz

Vixen's Litter: (31 days)
Selene          53 oz
Aphrodite   48 oz
Hermes       58 oz
Zeus             65 oz
Nike             46 oz
Apollo          53 oz
Athena         57 oz
Artemis       61 oz

Scorch and Jedi's Litters have declined staying in the scales anymore!  Sorry!  :)

Brick Puppies are here!!!!

Brick X The Flash  puppies arrived Friday the 25th.  There are 3 boys (2 B&W, 1 B&W tri) and 2 girls (1 R&W, 1 B&W) Mom and babies are doing great!  New photos are now up!  The theme is hockey! They are Penalty, SlapShot, Power Play, Goalie and Enforcer! Enjoy all the photos! Thanks Mary for delivering this litter all by yourself while I was at the U-FLI Nationals!  YOU ROCK!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lots of new VIDEOS!!!!!

Lots of new video's including 3 week video of Vixen's babies, and 3 video's of Scorch and Jedi's puppies at 4 weeks.  ENJOY!!!





Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Video: Scorch Maverick puppies 24 days old

Here are the Scorch Mav puppies!  There are two videos here, so enjoy!



Video: Jedi Maverick puppies 23 days old

Here is Jedi's babies, they are growing up!!  They are VERY vocal so turn on your volume! There are two videos to watch.  ENJOY!!



Video: Vixen Maverick puppies 17 days old

Here are the Vixen X Maverick babies!!


Updated weights!

All the puppies are growing up and starting to show their personalities!  They are all very happy and healthy and growing like weeds.  The Jedi and Scorch litters are up and mobile and starting to bark and wrestle.  They growl and try to run is very cute.  In the videos that I am about to post you will see some of them try to run....which ends up to be falling and rolling back up try to run fall and roll again!   Vixen's litter is a week younger so they are not as mobile but they all are walking but still sleep most of the time. 

Scorch Litter 3 week weights:
Crocodile          39.25 oz
Komodo            38.00 oz
Gecko                37.45 oz
Gila                    28.75 oz
Monitor            32.00 oz
Chameleon       32.65 oz

Jedi Litter 3 week weights:
Exorcist             45.75  oz
Poltergeist        51.00 oz
Scream               27.65 oz
Shining               30.75 oz
Beetlejuice         40.75 oz
Zombie               41.65 oz

Vixen Litter 2 week weights:
Aphrodite          28.00 oz
Zeus                    37.00 oz
Artemis              37.65  oz
Hermes              33.45 oz
Apollo                31.25 oz
Nike                    29.00 oz
Selene                34.00 oz
Athena                32.50 oz

OK Gonna start posting video.  THe older litters have two videos the younger litter only one as they are.....well......sleeping!  


3 Week photos of Jedi and Scorch's litters and 2 Week photos of Vixen's babies are all up! Thanks to Mary for helping me take them and Steph for getting them all posted despite her email crisis! 

Friday, September 11, 2009

Video: Scorch Maverick puppies 19 days old

I can't believe I finally got the videos to upload!  I am very excited.  Now you all can watch videos of your babies!!  Hope you enjoy them all.  There is one of each litter!



Video: Jedi Maverick puppies 18 days old

Short video of the Jedi babies!


Video: Vixen Maverick puppies 12 days old

Here is a quick video of the Vixen babies! 


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Puppy Update....the fun is about to start!

It is about to get interesting around here.....Scorch puppies are walking and starting to wrestle with each other.  All eyes are wide open and they are starting to hear sounds.
Jedi puppies all have their eyes wide open as well and are starting to warble bark.  They are all walking as well. 
Vixen puppies (remember they are a week younger) are still scooting around on their bellies but are starting to test their legs out and stand/fall/stand/fall/go to sleep.  They have eyes opening already.  Zeus, Artemis and Apollo all are open.  The others not quite yet.
The mama's are all starting to lay outside their baby pools now and get a much deserved break. 
I started putting little fleece beds in the pools which we lovingly call "rafts" for the babies to crawl up  and snuggle on.  Well the Jedi and Vixen puppies LOVE them and are all curled up like little bugs on a rug!  Scorch demolished her babies rafts with in minutes and they were laying all in the stuffing and ripped up bedding.  It looked like they were all laying in a birds nest.  Oh beds for Scorch babies!  Sorry!!
I am hoping to add some video of the babies posted here tomorrow, if I can get it to work!  
Stay tuned......

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Updates Scorch/Jedi & Vixen litters

Scorch litter all eyes are open and they are starting to walk.  Jedi's litter eyes are starting to open on all except the obese puppies (Poltergeist and Exorcist) and they are all walking.  OK so Poltergeist and Exorcist roll everywhere right now.  Vixen puppies just turned a week old and are still at the scooting around the pool stage but at starting to stand and wobble.  They are all happy healthy and all the mama's are being great!

Current weights as of Tuesday 09/08/2009

Scorch's Litter

Chameleon  25.80
Komodo       27.8 oz
Monitor       25.75 oz
Crocodile     31.75 oz
Gecko           30.75 oz
Gila             24.25 oz

Jedi's Litter

Zombie        29.45 oz
Exorcist       32.00 oz
Poltergeist  36.25 oz
Beetlejuice  29.20 oz
Scream         19.25 oz
Shining         19.60 oz

Vixen's Litter

Zeus            24.50 oz
Aphrodite  19.00 oz
Selene         21.00 oz
Nike            21.00 oz
Athena        22.00 0z
Artemis      25.75 oz
Hermes      23.20 oz
Apollo        21.00 oz

All new photos are up ENJOY!!!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Updated Weights from today

Jedi's Litter (9 days old)

Scream 14.25 oz
Exorcist 25.75 oz
Shining 15.75 oz
Poltergeist 26.5 oz
Zombie 20.3 oz
Beetlejuice 22.75 oz

Scorch's Litter (10 days)

Monitor 20.60 oz
Komodo 22.75 oz
Crocodile 25.20 oz
Gila 19.50 oz
Chameleon 20.75 oz
Gecko 24.75 oz

Vixen's Litter (3 days old)

Apollo 14.50
Zeus  16 oz
Artemis 16 oz
Aphrodite 12.6 oz
Athena 14.80 oz
Nike 15.0 oz
Selene 15.0 oz
Hermes 16.2 oz

Monday, August 31, 2009

Borderstaffy Madness!!

All new week one puppy photos are up of the Scorch and Jedi litter.  Kudos to the webmaster for her awesomeness!  The raising the babies process has begun.  The visitors and handling is well on the way.  They have been handled and carried around the house and outside getting used to new smells and people touching them already.  The "super puppy" stimulation has been started on the older two litters which consists of 5 different "stimulations" of three different positions 1. upside down, 2. on the back 3. held straight up and down, then it includes using a q-tip to stimulate their little toes and pads of their feet and lastly laying on a coldish damp cloth. All of these little stimulations are done for between 3-5 seconds each.  They are all taking in stride and doing well. The Scorch and Jedi litters had their first nail dremmeling session today and did great. All the weights are very good including the twins that have nearly doubled since their birth weights.  
All the puppies are doing great and the mama's are doing awesome.  Scorch is her usual laid back self,  Jedi is over the top protective and Vixen is somewhere in the middle.  All the puppies are pristine clean and very fat and happy! 
I will try to describe the nursery area to you all.  It is in the living room which is a 24X24 room so it is HUGE.  The pen is 24 X 10 and is 5 feet high black epoxy "fence" panels and is sectioned into three equal areas .  Each one has a privacy curtain separating the mama's.  Each one has a giant kiddie pool with fresh bedding changed at a minimum of twice daily.  The mama's all have free fed fresh food and water.  The babies all have their own heat lamps.  The mama's all have bedding outside the pool so they can get some out time while the babies are resting.  On the other side of the room is the living room furniture where we are all the time so we have constant observation and contact with mama's and babies.  The good news of my job is I have the freedom to be home as much as I like.  I usually work a max of 4-6 hours outside of the home per week. During my out of home time, Mary is home with them! The first week to 10 days I sleep in the living room so I can hear anything if any of the mama's and/or babies need anything.  So that should give you a little picture of where and how your babies are being raised right now!  :) 
Go look at photos and enjoy!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long day finally over and Vixen puppies are HERE!!

Hey there,  I have slept a titch and and able to form sentences again.  Vixen's water broke at 1245 am and the first puppy was born at 2 am. Everything was smooth sailing with a puppy every hour-ish until 7 am when #6 was born then afterwards Vixen decided to take a nap and rest.  She ate and went to sleep.  I gave her until 930am and then I gave her an injection of oxytocin to stimulate her contractions again.  It took awhile but at 1120 am she popped out #7 who was also the largest followed immediately by #8 twenty minutes later.  They are all happy healthy and beautiful! Photos have been sent to the webmaster and will be up soon I am sure!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Jedi puppies are HERE!!!

Hi all Jedi was a good girl and waited for me to finish with Scorch before she delivered her babies. We had 6 healthy puppies including a set of twins. The theme is horror movies for this litter cause everyone fears Jedi and her exuberance for life! Once her water broke the first puppy was born an hour later around 430 am and we were done by 920 am. The twins are tiny but very strong. All photos are posted thanks to the webmaster!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Scorch Puppies are HERE!!!!

Scorch puppies were born today with a very easy uneventful birth.  Minus the start of the whole thing.  OK so here I am on the phone with Gayle York when I walk past the huge living room pen where Scorch, Vixen, Sprint, Zoom and Jedi are laying and I had taken everyone out to go pee but didn't realize Scorch didn't get up and go out.  About 5 minutes later I walk back to get Scorch and there is a little puddle in the middle of the pen.  I am still on the phone and say "did you pee or did your water break?" I cleaned it up with paper towels and it is not amniotic fluid color no blood nothing very pale yellow.  So I assume she pee'd and I take her out to finish. Gayle and I finish our conversation, hang up and I get all the girls in and put Scorch in her crate and put all the girls back in the pen.   On to take care of the Conure as she is still in her night night crate and is ready to wake up as she is telling me LOUDLY.  I am just getting her out and saying good morning when I hear "SQQQWWWWEEEAAAAKKKK" pause for a minute, brain register that noise, recognize......OH SHIT THAT IS A PUPPY!!!!!  I already have the Conure out so I run her to her daytime crate, taking a second to look at Jedi as she is "supposedly" first to deliver and she is standing in the pen looking at me like "What?" OK brain registers again, SCORCH!  Off to Scorch's crate I run, calling Mary from the other room and there is Gecko laying in the front of the crate all nice and clean and Scorch sitting in the back looking at me like "it wasn't pee in the pen dumb ass!"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scorch, Envy and Brick

Xray results for Scorch is 6 for sure possible one puppy hiding in there!
Brick ultrasound results 8-9 puppies!
Envy ultrasound results 5-6 puppies!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The blog is about to get up and running very soon here at On Target!  

Jedi was x-ray'd today and there were 5 puppies seen :) !!!!  She has gained 10# so far and is due anytime after Thursday. 
Scorch has her xray for puppy count on Thursday and is due after this coming Monday. 

Envy and Brick both get their ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy this Thursday.  Brick  is not wanting to eat and Envy is beyond loving so my fingers are crossed. 
Vixen has her x-ray on Monday to count puppies and then is due at the end of the week!

So Stay tuned....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jess, Widget and her babies.

Jess Love, Widget's owner came to town to 1.) get Widget, 2.) bring Kristi her Vision X Sooner puppy (Threat) and 3.) visit her friends and 4.) come to a Hyper Flight practice.  She came in Saturday morning and we pretty much didn't stop all day.  We had some (non otherwise committed) teammates over for a cook out/pool party.  We swam almost all the dogs, and I turned into a prune.  Actually so did Alias as the "harp seal" was in the water for over three hours.  I cooked on the grill, Kim made garlic monkey bread, Trish a spinach salad, and Jenny a very pretty red/white & blue cheesecake.  We had a very nice time.  The Widget puppies all impressed Gramma Jess with their brilliant swimming abilities. 
Little Fire goes home tomorrow.  He is now On Target's OffOn An Epiphany "Revelation" and is owned by Nancy Ross and co-own'd by myself.  He will live in Connecticut and be doing agility. Thursday baby Earth goes home.  Her call name will be Spice and her long name is yet to be determined.  She is owned by Cynthia Horner and co-own'd by myself.  She will be training in agility.  Last but not least Little Windy-Woo will be leaving Friday.  Her new mommy is Natalee Wrisk and lives in Florida.  Wind will be named ESPY and will be trained in agility also.   Even though they are little hellions, we will s them very much!!!
All will be quiet in the house until the end of August and then the borderstaffies will all start being born!  

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh where, Oh where can she beeeeee?

Hi all,  I hope you missed me as much as I have missed blogging.  I have been Taking Olé puppies to their new homes, running in a flyball tournament, dealing with severe storms knocking out my internet only leaving me with my black berry for communication, and continuing to raise the Widget pups along with the rest of what life hands out!  
So where are we?  OK Olé pups are all gone.  Mirage is in GORGEOUS Orange County California with Laurie Zurborg where she will be training in agility.  Mirage is now On Target's One In A Million "Gem".  Luxor stayed in TX being own'd by Sonya Barton and co-own'd by myself.  He will play flyball with his mommy one day on Sure Shot's flyball team. Luxor is now On Target's Black Magic "VooDoo".  Venetian has left for Tampa FL with his new mommy who is only 16 but when you watch her run agility and handle her current dogs you would NEVER know.  She is amazing. Ventetian is own'd by Jordan Connelly and co-0wn'd by myself.  He will be training at the KETCH facility under the direction of Wendy Pape.  Venetian is now On Target's Rush The Quarterback "Blitz".  Excalibur has left for Illinois to live with Nanci Tayler and train in agility.  He will also be very active in hiking, kayaking and therapy work.  I would love to tell you Excalibur's new name but to date he doesn't have stay tuned!  And last but not least Monte Carlo is now in Illinois own'd by Alan Smith and co-own'd by myself. Monte will be training in agility with Diane Sanders and Anne Riba.  He is now On Target's It's A Wrap "Wrap".  There are lots of new photos up currently and going up of the Olé babies the last week here, and when their new mommy's and daddy came to get them.  Stay in touch on the On Target website under past litters to watch the Olé X Sooner pups grow!
The Widget pups are growing by leaps and bounds.  They are all running, tumbling, swimming, tugging little beasts!  The perfect princess that does no wrong is Wind.  The tomboy, shit starter, PIGLET is Earth (now referred to as Eartha-Bertha) and Fire, oh lordy Fire should be called INFERNO as there is NO containing him.  He wants what he wants when he wants it NOWWWWWW!  If there has been a break out of the pen, Fire caused it, Eartha-Bertha did all the distraction background work while Fire wreaks HAVOC throught the house,  and perfect Princess Wind comes and finds you to let you know "the two BAD one's are out Mommy, is there anything I can do to help you". Meanwhile Fire is swinging from the cat's tail, literally, and Bertha is in the big water bowl digging to oblivion flooding the whole kitchen.  Perfect Wind is chasing after me just incase I need her for anything as she stares up lovingly at me. OK so for all you readers take the hint here: ALL SOONER PUPPIES ARE WATER OBSESSED! Just get over it now, they all dig in the water bowls and chase hoses. Wait little clause here: UNLESS THE MOTHER IS SPRINT then they live a tortured dual-life like my Edge.  His Sooner part of his brain wants to get in the pool SO BAD but his mother portion of his brain just can not let him do it! So at the pool there is a battle of wills going on inside him, "get in get in, no you do not swim, GET IN, no I hate water, I can not go, GET INNNNN, nope nope I just couldn't possibly....." So needless to say I PUT him in!  Part of him swims normally the other part is totally retarded.  So that Sooner kid is the exception to the rule! But the NORM is all Sooner kids are water obsessed!!
So the Widget's pups all go home starting July 7th and it will get very quiet in this house.....ah but not for long.  The borderstaffy litters have all been bred and are due late August to early September!  Jedi's are first, then Scorch than last but not least Vixen.  
Off to load up more photos!  Cya.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Running my butt off

So I am sure you wonder, why is Lisa not blogging? Hmmmmm full time job, house full of adult dogs, 2 birds, 7 cats and 8 puppies at different stages of development!  I am literally running my ass off.   The Olé puppies need to go home NOW....they are wild and staring to prey on the weak. The weak would clearly be me.  They tug on everything and anything.  I go into clean up puppy potty mess and I have at least two hanging from my pants with in seconds of entering the pen.  I bend down and one is grabbing for my hair to take a little Tarzan swing.  The paper towels I am using to clean the mess are now being chased and bit and the barking riot starts. You basically shake them all off like you have ants crawling all over and RUN out of the pen to save your life! It is crazy.  They love everyone everything and could care less about any noise.  I throw their feeding pan out of the pen and they haul butt racing to its VERY loud clanging on the tile.  Try laying new pads down, RIGHT, they grab them and take off.  I love them so I put beds down for them to sleep on so they are comfy.  Ya Right! They drag the beds all over the pen, then carry the water bowl to the bed and proceed to swim in the water bowl that is on the bed.  The beds are now soaked, the water bowl empty again, I am trying not to slip on the floor as I walk across the lake they created and break my neck.  They puppies are soaked, they are hanging from my pants legs, I am fearing for my life again, it is just all bad.  Some how I have to suck it up, be brave and go back in because the pen is in mass chaos.  OK how about this, I go in the pen lock THEM out and do my remodeling for the 50th time in the pen.  I get all my remodeling supplies ready.  Broom, dustpan, mop, paper towels, bleach spray, clean toys, clean chew toys,  floor pads, peepee pads, beds.  OK I am ready.  I open the gate they come racing out the instant the hear the click of the latch.  Last one out I run in, close gate. SAFE!  Onto my project I go with puppies barking and chasing my broom from outside the pen then repeat behavior with the mop.  You have NO idea how loud they are!  Then the boring part of laying the pads and securing them to the floor (absolute MUST, doesn't always work but let me have my fantasies) So they are no longer entertained my me, they go in search of play/trouble.  NOT GOOD.  Next thing I know off goes Venetian and Excalibur chasing a cat, Luxor comes hauling ass out of the bathroom to see what the rukus is about while he drags the toilet paper roll streaming behind him throughout the house.  All of a sudden I hear BAM....SPLASH.  Monte has gone sailing into the big water bowl, water is EVERYWHERE, Mirage is now chasing Luxor's toilet paper tail, the Conure takes off and is flying all over the house (damn it I she needs her wings clipped).  Now all the toilet paper is getting wet, the puppies are all romping in the pool/water bowl.  The African Grey (rescue) is laughing his ass off.  I give him a nasty look, he starts making fart noises (nice).  You could start yelling, or crying or laughing.  I chose to just laugh.  I collect said heathen puppies, put them back in the now clean pen, gather the Conure and put her in her cage, start another load of laundry, start picking up the wet toilet paper, sopping up all the water with towels, mop the whole living room, hallway and kitchen, wipe the walls from the pool party, fill water bowl up again (relunctantly), rotate laundry, potty all adult dogs in their rotations, train Vanity, train Vivid, rotate laundary, train Launch, swim the last group of dogs for the day, rotate laundry.  OK I am done for a few minutes.  Look into the pen, awesome they are sound asleep, I sit down, phone rings, Shiver starts barking at the ringer, whole house chimes in, Conure screams, African Grey starts to mimic the phone ringing making Shiver bark more, puppies wake up now, start going potty.  Clean up crew!  Here we go again.  SO THAT IS WHY I HAVEN'T BEEN BLOGGING!!!  Just incase you were wondering.......

Saturday, May 30, 2009


2 week old photos up!  Their eyes are open :)!!  They are becoming puppies now up and walking around and started barking and roo roo rooing today. 

Friday, May 29, 2009

Olé & Widget puppies update!

Olé puppies are getting to that handful phase very quickly. They are starting to really do some serious tugging/shaking/growing of all the toys and each other. They have started sabotaging each other when going potty. This is a puppy favorite.  Prey on the weak.  So when one tootles off to go poop, they all WAIT!!! They discuss amongst themselves who is going to do the attack and one is "selected".  Just as the puppy is in "the position" and comes the "selected one" flying across the pen and BAM over the pooping puppy topples!  NOT NICE!  The revenge than starts to be plotted and so starts all the "paybacks".  Few minutes later you will see the puppy that got toppled while trying to poop dragging the one that did the toppling  around by the tail just shaking and growling.  You can just hear him laughing, "oh ya, you thought it was funny take THIS!!!" They LOVE the wobble boards, the run on it, pounce on it, balance on it and yes poop on it!  The puppies are all on raw and only nursing one time a day now.  Olé will be leaving middle of next week to go "get back in racing shape" with her other mommy and daddy that she races with on Sure Shot flyball team.  She is ready to say the least. She is sick of them now so other mommies Scorch, Brick, Sprint and Jedi will go in with them and teach them life lessons and play stuff. This works very well as one thing they learn very quickly is ALL dogs are not a milk bar.  The pups are also going out side more and more learning about bushes, trees, grass, wood decking, rocks, sprinklers, outside truck/car noises etc...they are typical 5 week old puppies.  They are not sure they want to be outside, but are curious so they explore and trot around then pass out from exhaustion of being in a new place. Next week they will be better and better with each exposure and next week they will learn to swim in the big pool!  They are growing so fast it amazes me every litter.
Widget puppies are just growing like weeds.  They are all walking around and almost have their eyes open.  They move out of the whelping room this weekend and into the living room pen still in the pool for another week (ish), and the Olé pups will go into the giant pen then.  New photos of them will be up today.  You will be shocked when you see how big they are!  They are very cute and VERY vocal! They just crack me up! 
OK that is it for now.   Look for photos and video coming soon!!!