Friday, March 25, 2011


Hi Everyone,

There is a new product out on the dog training market!! I have only heard excellent things about it online and from my own students and puppy owners. I thought I would share it with you! THis would be an opportunity to learn from one of the world's best dog trainers- Susan Garrett. Last summer Susan offered an e-course on teaching your dog a "BRILLIANT RECALL". This e-course was nothing short of AMAZING! I am always game for Susan's dog training knowledge! This course offers so much more than just a brilliant recall it ventures into dog training theory and relationship building-all by products of course out how to get that great recall! Susan is now offering Round 2 (Recallers 2.0) and I highly recommend you check out the information Susan is offering as promotional material- a great 3 part series on building a blue print to a great recall!!

To learn more and sign up click on Brilliant Recall. The enrollment process is quick and easy. I am always looking for fun and different training opportunities myself as it is key to being the BEST YOU CAN BE!

Truly this is a wonderful opportunity,


Starting up the blog again!!

Hey there blog followers. I haven't been blogging in a long time perhaps cause of the facebook popularity but never the less wanted to start it up again. We have some exciting litters coming here at On Target, one repeat of Vixen X Sooner and a new breeding of Jazz X Maverick. And of course Lust is about to deliver Edge puppies any day now. I can't wait to see what all the puppies look like!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trestle puppies 21 days old!

Quick update. The puppies are all walking/trotting. No wobbling and falling. The litter had their eyes open between 9-11 days old and are just doing so well! They had their first bath on Monday. They are already started today on mushed puppy food with yogurt and my friend Kim's concoction and loved it. They also moved to a bigger pen today in the living room as they were all escaping the whelping pool already! I will get some video of them tomorrow. All new 19 day old photos were taken and will be posted tomorrow by our new webmaster.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Introducing Trestle X Sooner babies!

Blue Merle girl "Bashful"

Blue Merle Male "Grumpy"

Blue Merle Female "Happy"

B&W Male "Sneezy"

Blue merle male "Doc"

Blue merle male "Sleepy"

B&W male "Dopey"

Happy Mama Trestle and
The "Seven De-Woofs"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Trestle had a c-section today delivering 7 beautiful puppies. There are 5 males and 2 females. There are 2 B&W's (no tri-color) and 5 Blue merles. All are happy and healthy and Mom is doing wonderful. I will get some photos up here on the blog as my new website is in the process of being re-built. Stay tuned....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bo-Tyne Olé June 2, 2005-December 13, 2009

It is with sadness beyond words that I tell everyone that tonight I put Ole and her new litter she was carrying by Sooner to sleep.  4 days ago (day 22 into her pregnancy) she started vomiting.  Not uncommon for pregnancy.  I took her to the vet and was assured it was the pregnancy and we did an ultrasound and confirmed puppies.  The next day she was still vomiting but didn't even wanted to drink water now.  I was worried so took her to the vet again where I insisted they do blood work.  She was in full blown renal failure.  We immediately started treatment and transported her to the Emergency Clinic where she would stay and be treated for the whole weekend.  They started aggressive treatment knowing it would most definitely hurt the puppies but Olé came first to us all. Robbie, Sonya, Mary and I were there by her side.  Steadily I saw no improvement and by tonight the look in her eyes asked me to let her go.  I called all involved with her life and we decided per being at peace was the most important. She went very peacefully in Mary's and my arms.  I made a very hard choice to do an necropsy so that I would have answers not only for myself but for all you guys that have her kids.  
The vet knew how upset we were and did her necropsy right away.  She was shocked to see what she saw.  She had a large portion of her stomach and some area of her intestines leading from her stomach that she sent tissue to pathology but on her initial look was clearly very cancerous.  What type will have to come from the pathologist. Her spleen was clean as was her liver.  She has a suspicious area on her pancreas but suspected that was from the vomiting.  Her kidneys were slightly abnormal in shape but were the same on both sides so she see that as unremarkable.  Her ovaries and uterus was totally normal and she had 7 puppies.  Her heart was normal her lungs were as well.  She was in awe that she was in such amazing shape and was able to conceive with this going on inside her body.  There was nothing I/we/anyone could have done.  We were fight a losing battle that she suspects has been there for a while.  By the time we knew something was wrong and she showed any symptoms it was to late. I wanted to let you all know.  Hug your Olé babies for me!  They are very speical.....they are a "limited edition" as a friend of mine says!
Thanks to Mary Robbie and Sonya for all the support over the last terrible few days.  


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Puppies are all going home!!!!

Well, the time has come for all the puppies to move on to their new lives.  It is very bittersweet to watch them all go home.  I know they are going to wonderful homes and that is why I do this but I get attached to them so it is hard at the same time.  They are all in their forever homes.

Brick's Litter 

**PowerPlay is now On Target's Firewalker  "Cool" owned by Lynda Orton-Hill and will be doing agility in Ontario at the Say Yes! school where his new mommy is one of the instructors. 
**Enforcer is now On Target's Isn't It Obvious "Reason" owned by Karey Grisdale and co-owned by me.  He will be doing agility in Ontario at Say Yes!
**SlapShot  is now On Target's Full Throttle "Rev" and is owned by Nancy Brook and will be doing agility in San Diego, CA with Stacy Winkler at Pawsitive Action Training.
**Penalty is now On Target's Insurgent "Surge" and is owned by Shirley Hopkins and will be playing flyball with Run Free Flyball Club in BC Canada and dabbling in conformation.
**Goalie is now On Target's Fired Up "Singe" and is owned by Chris Hill and will be playing agility.

Envy's Litter

**Schroeder is now On Target's Ulterior Motive "Malice" owned by Lee Lardner and co-owned by me.  He will be playing flyball on the World Record holding Touch N Go flyball team in Las Vegas NV. 
**Lucy is now On Target's Status Symbol "Exclusive" (Lucy for short :) ) owned by Kysha Hunt and co-owned by me.  She will be doing agility in Ontario at Say Yes!
**Sally is now On Target's Total Eclipse "Luna" owned by Patty Englestad and will be doing agility in San Diego, CA with Stacy Winkler at Pawsitive Action Training.
**Marcie is now On Target's Celebration "Party" owned by Ginsey St. Criox and will be doing agility in Atlanta GA where her mommy is the owner/instructor of The Dog Place.
**Peppermint Patty is now On Target's All Charg'd Up "Visa" owned by Jennifer Groulx and will be doing agility in Ontario at Say Yes!

I can not wait to watch them all grow up and hear how they grow up into superstars!