Saturday, November 21, 2009

Puppies are all going home!!!!

Well, the time has come for all the puppies to move on to their new lives.  It is very bittersweet to watch them all go home.  I know they are going to wonderful homes and that is why I do this but I get attached to them so it is hard at the same time.  They are all in their forever homes.

Brick's Litter 

**PowerPlay is now On Target's Firewalker  "Cool" owned by Lynda Orton-Hill and will be doing agility in Ontario at the Say Yes! school where his new mommy is one of the instructors. 
**Enforcer is now On Target's Isn't It Obvious "Reason" owned by Karey Grisdale and co-owned by me.  He will be doing agility in Ontario at Say Yes!
**SlapShot  is now On Target's Full Throttle "Rev" and is owned by Nancy Brook and will be doing agility in San Diego, CA with Stacy Winkler at Pawsitive Action Training.
**Penalty is now On Target's Insurgent "Surge" and is owned by Shirley Hopkins and will be playing flyball with Run Free Flyball Club in BC Canada and dabbling in conformation.
**Goalie is now On Target's Fired Up "Singe" and is owned by Chris Hill and will be playing agility.

Envy's Litter

**Schroeder is now On Target's Ulterior Motive "Malice" owned by Lee Lardner and co-owned by me.  He will be playing flyball on the World Record holding Touch N Go flyball team in Las Vegas NV. 
**Lucy is now On Target's Status Symbol "Exclusive" (Lucy for short :) ) owned by Kysha Hunt and co-owned by me.  She will be doing agility in Ontario at Say Yes!
**Sally is now On Target's Total Eclipse "Luna" owned by Patty Englestad and will be doing agility in San Diego, CA with Stacy Winkler at Pawsitive Action Training.
**Marcie is now On Target's Celebration "Party" owned by Ginsey St. Criox and will be doing agility in Atlanta GA where her mommy is the owner/instructor of The Dog Place.
**Peppermint Patty is now On Target's All Charg'd Up "Visa" owned by Jennifer Groulx and will be doing agility in Ontario at Say Yes!

I can not wait to watch them all grow up and hear how they grow up into superstars! 

Puppies outside 11/18/2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What is going on with all the puppies you ask?

Well the Brick and Envy puppies are all getting ready to go to their new homes!  They have all been CERF'd normal and will be BAER tested in the morning.  They have been on 7 car rides with the longest being 1 hour each way.  They all did great.  They have been socialized with people of different race and nationality, elderly and children.  They have been around the constant construction at my house (current project turn garage into training area), they have been around the lawn crew every week, the trash truck twice a week, school bus daily and delivery trucks.  They have had baby agility equipment (Thanks AMY!!) wobble boards, lots of noise toys (Thanks ANNETTE & CHRISTINE!!), tugs of every fabric from fleece to rope to fur (Thanks CRYSTAL!!), they have interacted with older dogs, 1 year olds 6 months old or younger puppies, cats and been around my Conure and African Grey (THEY SCREAM!!) We have banged/thrown/slammed every pot, pan, crate we can find.  We have vacuumed next to them and infact inside the pen where they are and no one cares.  They have been bathed, dremeled, nails trimmed with clippers, feet & ears played with, teeth brushed, crated, introduced to treats and clicker training at it's very early beginnings. They run all over the house and outside. They have been on wood floor, linoleum, ceramic tile, rocks and grass.  They both have been great litters and I have enjoyed them.  I am very happy with both litter that is for sure.  I will be sad to see them all go but happy to see them all start their lives with new mommy's!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Updated Weights from 11/01/2009 Envy and Brick puppies

Envy Puppies 5  1/2 weeks:
Lucy 3 lbs 15 7/8 oz.
Peppermint Patty  4 lbs 3 7/8 oz.
Schroeder  3 lbs 9 7/8 oz.
Marcie  3 lbs 14 1/2 oz.
Sally  3 lbs 15 1/2 oz. 

Brick puppies 5 1/4 weeks:
Slapshot 3 lbs 12 3/4 oz
Penalty 2 lbs 14 12 oz
Power Play 3 lbs 15 7/8 oz
Enforcer  3 lbs 6 1/2 oz. 
Goalie 3 lbs 12 1/4 oz.