Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh where, Oh where can she beeeeee?

Hi all,  I hope you missed me as much as I have missed blogging.  I have been Taking Olé puppies to their new homes, running in a flyball tournament, dealing with severe storms knocking out my internet only leaving me with my black berry for communication, and continuing to raise the Widget pups along with the rest of what life hands out!  
So where are we?  OK Olé pups are all gone.  Mirage is in GORGEOUS Orange County California with Laurie Zurborg where she will be training in agility.  Mirage is now On Target's One In A Million "Gem".  Luxor stayed in TX being own'd by Sonya Barton and co-own'd by myself.  He will play flyball with his mommy one day on Sure Shot's flyball team. Luxor is now On Target's Black Magic "VooDoo".  Venetian has left for Tampa FL with his new mommy who is only 16 but when you watch her run agility and handle her current dogs you would NEVER know.  She is amazing. Ventetian is own'd by Jordan Connelly and co-0wn'd by myself.  He will be training at the KETCH facility under the direction of Wendy Pape.  Venetian is now On Target's Rush The Quarterback "Blitz".  Excalibur has left for Illinois to live with Nanci Tayler and train in agility.  He will also be very active in hiking, kayaking and therapy work.  I would love to tell you Excalibur's new name but to date he doesn't have stay tuned!  And last but not least Monte Carlo is now in Illinois own'd by Alan Smith and co-own'd by myself. Monte will be training in agility with Diane Sanders and Anne Riba.  He is now On Target's It's A Wrap "Wrap".  There are lots of new photos up currently and going up of the Olé babies the last week here, and when their new mommy's and daddy came to get them.  Stay in touch on the On Target website under past litters to watch the Olé X Sooner pups grow!
The Widget pups are growing by leaps and bounds.  They are all running, tumbling, swimming, tugging little beasts!  The perfect princess that does no wrong is Wind.  The tomboy, shit starter, PIGLET is Earth (now referred to as Eartha-Bertha) and Fire, oh lordy Fire should be called INFERNO as there is NO containing him.  He wants what he wants when he wants it NOWWWWWW!  If there has been a break out of the pen, Fire caused it, Eartha-Bertha did all the distraction background work while Fire wreaks HAVOC throught the house,  and perfect Princess Wind comes and finds you to let you know "the two BAD one's are out Mommy, is there anything I can do to help you". Meanwhile Fire is swinging from the cat's tail, literally, and Bertha is in the big water bowl digging to oblivion flooding the whole kitchen.  Perfect Wind is chasing after me just incase I need her for anything as she stares up lovingly at me. OK so for all you readers take the hint here: ALL SOONER PUPPIES ARE WATER OBSESSED! Just get over it now, they all dig in the water bowls and chase hoses. Wait little clause here: UNLESS THE MOTHER IS SPRINT then they live a tortured dual-life like my Edge.  His Sooner part of his brain wants to get in the pool SO BAD but his mother portion of his brain just can not let him do it! So at the pool there is a battle of wills going on inside him, "get in get in, no you do not swim, GET IN, no I hate water, I can not go, GET INNNNN, nope nope I just couldn't possibly....." So needless to say I PUT him in!  Part of him swims normally the other part is totally retarded.  So that Sooner kid is the exception to the rule! But the NORM is all Sooner kids are water obsessed!!
So the Widget's pups all go home starting July 7th and it will get very quiet in this house.....ah but not for long.  The borderstaffy litters have all been bred and are due late August to early September!  Jedi's are first, then Scorch than last but not least Vixen.  
Off to load up more photos!  Cya.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Running my butt off

So I am sure you wonder, why is Lisa not blogging? Hmmmmm full time job, house full of adult dogs, 2 birds, 7 cats and 8 puppies at different stages of development!  I am literally running my ass off.   The Olé puppies need to go home NOW....they are wild and staring to prey on the weak. The weak would clearly be me.  They tug on everything and anything.  I go into clean up puppy potty mess and I have at least two hanging from my pants with in seconds of entering the pen.  I bend down and one is grabbing for my hair to take a little Tarzan swing.  The paper towels I am using to clean the mess are now being chased and bit and the barking riot starts. You basically shake them all off like you have ants crawling all over and RUN out of the pen to save your life! It is crazy.  They love everyone everything and could care less about any noise.  I throw their feeding pan out of the pen and they haul butt racing to its VERY loud clanging on the tile.  Try laying new pads down, RIGHT, they grab them and take off.  I love them so I put beds down for them to sleep on so they are comfy.  Ya Right! They drag the beds all over the pen, then carry the water bowl to the bed and proceed to swim in the water bowl that is on the bed.  The beds are now soaked, the water bowl empty again, I am trying not to slip on the floor as I walk across the lake they created and break my neck.  They puppies are soaked, they are hanging from my pants legs, I am fearing for my life again, it is just all bad.  Some how I have to suck it up, be brave and go back in because the pen is in mass chaos.  OK how about this, I go in the pen lock THEM out and do my remodeling for the 50th time in the pen.  I get all my remodeling supplies ready.  Broom, dustpan, mop, paper towels, bleach spray, clean toys, clean chew toys,  floor pads, peepee pads, beds.  OK I am ready.  I open the gate they come racing out the instant the hear the click of the latch.  Last one out I run in, close gate. SAFE!  Onto my project I go with puppies barking and chasing my broom from outside the pen then repeat behavior with the mop.  You have NO idea how loud they are!  Then the boring part of laying the pads and securing them to the floor (absolute MUST, doesn't always work but let me have my fantasies) So they are no longer entertained my me, they go in search of play/trouble.  NOT GOOD.  Next thing I know off goes Venetian and Excalibur chasing a cat, Luxor comes hauling ass out of the bathroom to see what the rukus is about while he drags the toilet paper roll streaming behind him throughout the house.  All of a sudden I hear BAM....SPLASH.  Monte has gone sailing into the big water bowl, water is EVERYWHERE, Mirage is now chasing Luxor's toilet paper tail, the Conure takes off and is flying all over the house (damn it I she needs her wings clipped).  Now all the toilet paper is getting wet, the puppies are all romping in the pool/water bowl.  The African Grey (rescue) is laughing his ass off.  I give him a nasty look, he starts making fart noises (nice).  You could start yelling, or crying or laughing.  I chose to just laugh.  I collect said heathen puppies, put them back in the now clean pen, gather the Conure and put her in her cage, start another load of laundry, start picking up the wet toilet paper, sopping up all the water with towels, mop the whole living room, hallway and kitchen, wipe the walls from the pool party, fill water bowl up again (relunctantly), rotate laundry, potty all adult dogs in their rotations, train Vanity, train Vivid, rotate laundary, train Launch, swim the last group of dogs for the day, rotate laundry.  OK I am done for a few minutes.  Look into the pen, awesome they are sound asleep, I sit down, phone rings, Shiver starts barking at the ringer, whole house chimes in, Conure screams, African Grey starts to mimic the phone ringing making Shiver bark more, puppies wake up now, start going potty.  Clean up crew!  Here we go again.  SO THAT IS WHY I HAVEN'T BEEN BLOGGING!!!  Just incase you were wondering.......