Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Envy's Litter Update

New Envy puppy photos are up!!  Here is a quick video.  Remember they are only a week old! :)

Updated Weights from today 09/30/2009

Envy's Litter (7 days)
Lucy     20.50 oz
Schroeder    21.75 oz
Peppermint Patty    18.50 oz
Marcie     20.75 oz
Sally    19.45 0z

Brick's Litter (5 days)
Penalty    12.75 oz
SlapShot   15.75 oz
PowerPlay   16.00 0z
Goalie    17.50 oz
Enforcer     17.25 oz

Vixen's Litter: (31 days)
Selene          53 oz
Aphrodite   48 oz
Hermes       58 oz
Zeus             65 oz
Nike             46 oz
Apollo          53 oz
Athena         57 oz
Artemis       61 oz

Scorch and Jedi's Litters have declined staying in the scales anymore!  Sorry!  :)

Brick Puppies are here!!!!

Brick X The Flash  puppies arrived Friday the 25th.  There are 3 boys (2 B&W, 1 B&W tri) and 2 girls (1 R&W, 1 B&W) Mom and babies are doing great!  New photos are now up!  The theme is hockey! They are Penalty, SlapShot, Power Play, Goalie and Enforcer! Enjoy all the photos! Thanks Mary for delivering this litter all by yourself while I was at the U-FLI Nationals!  YOU ROCK!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lots of new VIDEOS!!!!!

Lots of new video's including 3 week video of Vixen's babies, and 3 video's of Scorch and Jedi's puppies at 4 weeks.  ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Video: Scorch Maverick puppies 24 days old

Here are the Scorch Mav puppies!  There are two videos here, so enjoy!

Video: Jedi Maverick puppies 23 days old

Here is Jedi's babies, they are growing up!!  They are VERY vocal so turn on your volume! There are two videos to watch.  ENJOY!!

Video: Vixen Maverick puppies 17 days old

Here are the Vixen X Maverick babies!!

Updated weights!

All the puppies are growing up and starting to show their personalities!  They are all very happy and healthy and growing like weeds.  The Jedi and Scorch litters are up and mobile and starting to bark and wrestle.  They growl and try to run is very cute.  In the videos that I am about to post you will see some of them try to run....which ends up to be falling and rolling back up try to run fall and roll again!   Vixen's litter is a week younger so they are not as mobile but they all are walking but still sleep most of the time. 

Scorch Litter 3 week weights:
Crocodile          39.25 oz
Komodo            38.00 oz
Gecko                37.45 oz
Gila                    28.75 oz
Monitor            32.00 oz
Chameleon       32.65 oz

Jedi Litter 3 week weights:
Exorcist             45.75  oz
Poltergeist        51.00 oz
Scream               27.65 oz
Shining               30.75 oz
Beetlejuice         40.75 oz
Zombie               41.65 oz

Vixen Litter 2 week weights:
Aphrodite          28.00 oz
Zeus                    37.00 oz
Artemis              37.65  oz
Hermes              33.45 oz
Apollo                31.25 oz
Nike                    29.00 oz
Selene                34.00 oz
Athena                32.50 oz

OK Gonna start posting video.  THe older litters have two videos the younger litter only one as they are.....well......sleeping!  


3 Week photos of Jedi and Scorch's litters and 2 Week photos of Vixen's babies are all up! Thanks to Mary for helping me take them and Steph for getting them all posted despite her email crisis! 

Friday, September 11, 2009

Video: Scorch Maverick puppies 19 days old

I can't believe I finally got the videos to upload!  I am very excited.  Now you all can watch videos of your babies!!  Hope you enjoy them all.  There is one of each litter!


Video: Jedi Maverick puppies 18 days old

Short video of the Jedi babies!

Video: Vixen Maverick puppies 12 days old

Here is a quick video of the Vixen babies! 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Puppy Update....the fun is about to start!

It is about to get interesting around here.....Scorch puppies are walking and starting to wrestle with each other.  All eyes are wide open and they are starting to hear sounds.
Jedi puppies all have their eyes wide open as well and are starting to warble bark.  They are all walking as well. 
Vixen puppies (remember they are a week younger) are still scooting around on their bellies but are starting to test their legs out and stand/fall/stand/fall/go to sleep.  They have eyes opening already.  Zeus, Artemis and Apollo all are open.  The others not quite yet.
The mama's are all starting to lay outside their baby pools now and get a much deserved break. 
I started putting little fleece beds in the pools which we lovingly call "rafts" for the babies to crawl up  and snuggle on.  Well the Jedi and Vixen puppies LOVE them and are all curled up like little bugs on a rug!  Scorch demolished her babies rafts with in minutes and they were laying all in the stuffing and ripped up bedding.  It looked like they were all laying in a birds nest.  Oh beds for Scorch babies!  Sorry!!
I am hoping to add some video of the babies posted here tomorrow, if I can get it to work!  
Stay tuned......

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Updates Scorch/Jedi & Vixen litters

Scorch litter all eyes are open and they are starting to walk.  Jedi's litter eyes are starting to open on all except the obese puppies (Poltergeist and Exorcist) and they are all walking.  OK so Poltergeist and Exorcist roll everywhere right now.  Vixen puppies just turned a week old and are still at the scooting around the pool stage but at starting to stand and wobble.  They are all happy healthy and all the mama's are being great!

Current weights as of Tuesday 09/08/2009

Scorch's Litter

Chameleon  25.80
Komodo       27.8 oz
Monitor       25.75 oz
Crocodile     31.75 oz
Gecko           30.75 oz
Gila             24.25 oz

Jedi's Litter

Zombie        29.45 oz
Exorcist       32.00 oz
Poltergeist  36.25 oz
Beetlejuice  29.20 oz
Scream         19.25 oz
Shining         19.60 oz

Vixen's Litter

Zeus            24.50 oz
Aphrodite  19.00 oz
Selene         21.00 oz
Nike            21.00 oz
Athena        22.00 0z
Artemis      25.75 oz
Hermes      23.20 oz
Apollo        21.00 oz

All new photos are up ENJOY!!!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Updated Weights from today

Jedi's Litter (9 days old)

Scream 14.25 oz
Exorcist 25.75 oz
Shining 15.75 oz
Poltergeist 26.5 oz
Zombie 20.3 oz
Beetlejuice 22.75 oz

Scorch's Litter (10 days)

Monitor 20.60 oz
Komodo 22.75 oz
Crocodile 25.20 oz
Gila 19.50 oz
Chameleon 20.75 oz
Gecko 24.75 oz

Vixen's Litter (3 days old)

Apollo 14.50
Zeus  16 oz
Artemis 16 oz
Aphrodite 12.6 oz
Athena 14.80 oz
Nike 15.0 oz
Selene 15.0 oz
Hermes 16.2 oz