Monday, August 31, 2009

Borderstaffy Madness!!

All new week one puppy photos are up of the Scorch and Jedi litter.  Kudos to the webmaster for her awesomeness!  The raising the babies process has begun.  The visitors and handling is well on the way.  They have been handled and carried around the house and outside getting used to new smells and people touching them already.  The "super puppy" stimulation has been started on the older two litters which consists of 5 different "stimulations" of three different positions 1. upside down, 2. on the back 3. held straight up and down, then it includes using a q-tip to stimulate their little toes and pads of their feet and lastly laying on a coldish damp cloth. All of these little stimulations are done for between 3-5 seconds each.  They are all taking in stride and doing well. The Scorch and Jedi litters had their first nail dremmeling session today and did great. All the weights are very good including the twins that have nearly doubled since their birth weights.  
All the puppies are doing great and the mama's are doing awesome.  Scorch is her usual laid back self,  Jedi is over the top protective and Vixen is somewhere in the middle.  All the puppies are pristine clean and very fat and happy! 
I will try to describe the nursery area to you all.  It is in the living room which is a 24X24 room so it is HUGE.  The pen is 24 X 10 and is 5 feet high black epoxy "fence" panels and is sectioned into three equal areas .  Each one has a privacy curtain separating the mama's.  Each one has a giant kiddie pool with fresh bedding changed at a minimum of twice daily.  The mama's all have free fed fresh food and water.  The babies all have their own heat lamps.  The mama's all have bedding outside the pool so they can get some out time while the babies are resting.  On the other side of the room is the living room furniture where we are all the time so we have constant observation and contact with mama's and babies.  The good news of my job is I have the freedom to be home as much as I like.  I usually work a max of 4-6 hours outside of the home per week. During my out of home time, Mary is home with them! The first week to 10 days I sleep in the living room so I can hear anything if any of the mama's and/or babies need anything.  So that should give you a little picture of where and how your babies are being raised right now!  :) 
Go look at photos and enjoy!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long day finally over and Vixen puppies are HERE!!

Hey there,  I have slept a titch and and able to form sentences again.  Vixen's water broke at 1245 am and the first puppy was born at 2 am. Everything was smooth sailing with a puppy every hour-ish until 7 am when #6 was born then afterwards Vixen decided to take a nap and rest.  She ate and went to sleep.  I gave her until 930am and then I gave her an injection of oxytocin to stimulate her contractions again.  It took awhile but at 1120 am she popped out #7 who was also the largest followed immediately by #8 twenty minutes later.  They are all happy healthy and beautiful! Photos have been sent to the webmaster and will be up soon I am sure!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Jedi puppies are HERE!!!

Hi all Jedi was a good girl and waited for me to finish with Scorch before she delivered her babies. We had 6 healthy puppies including a set of twins. The theme is horror movies for this litter cause everyone fears Jedi and her exuberance for life! Once her water broke the first puppy was born an hour later around 430 am and we were done by 920 am. The twins are tiny but very strong. All photos are posted thanks to the webmaster!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Scorch Puppies are HERE!!!!

Scorch puppies were born today with a very easy uneventful birth.  Minus the start of the whole thing.  OK so here I am on the phone with Gayle York when I walk past the huge living room pen where Scorch, Vixen, Sprint, Zoom and Jedi are laying and I had taken everyone out to go pee but didn't realize Scorch didn't get up and go out.  About 5 minutes later I walk back to get Scorch and there is a little puddle in the middle of the pen.  I am still on the phone and say "did you pee or did your water break?" I cleaned it up with paper towels and it is not amniotic fluid color no blood nothing very pale yellow.  So I assume she pee'd and I take her out to finish. Gayle and I finish our conversation, hang up and I get all the girls in and put Scorch in her crate and put all the girls back in the pen.   On to take care of the Conure as she is still in her night night crate and is ready to wake up as she is telling me LOUDLY.  I am just getting her out and saying good morning when I hear "SQQQWWWWEEEAAAAKKKK" pause for a minute, brain register that noise, recognize......OH SHIT THAT IS A PUPPY!!!!!  I already have the Conure out so I run her to her daytime crate, taking a second to look at Jedi as she is "supposedly" first to deliver and she is standing in the pen looking at me like "What?" OK brain registers again, SCORCH!  Off to Scorch's crate I run, calling Mary from the other room and there is Gecko laying in the front of the crate all nice and clean and Scorch sitting in the back looking at me like "it wasn't pee in the pen dumb ass!"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scorch, Envy and Brick

Xray results for Scorch is 6 for sure possible one puppy hiding in there!
Brick ultrasound results 8-9 puppies!
Envy ultrasound results 5-6 puppies!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The blog is about to get up and running very soon here at On Target!  

Jedi was x-ray'd today and there were 5 puppies seen :) !!!!  She has gained 10# so far and is due anytime after Thursday. 
Scorch has her xray for puppy count on Thursday and is due after this coming Monday. 

Envy and Brick both get their ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy this Thursday.  Brick  is not wanting to eat and Envy is beyond loving so my fingers are crossed. 
Vixen has her x-ray on Monday to count puppies and then is due at the end of the week!

So Stay tuned....