Saturday, October 31, 2009

Envy and Brick's puppies video!

The Brick Envy puppies are 5 weeks.  They are starting to come into their own.  They love  toys and show great play drive.   They are starting to do little recalls.  They are eating twice a day and nursing for a snack.  They are riding in the shuttle, playing out side and have started the basics of clicker training individually.   We took some more photos for Halloween I will try to get them sent to Steph tomorrow.  They are VERY cute!  Here is a quick video to tide you all over!  Enjoy!

Envy and Brick's puppies ride the shuttle and go outside FIRST TIME

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Updated Weights from 10/14/2009

Envy puppies 21 days old:
Lucy     38.25 oz
Schroeder  34.50 oz
Peppermint Patty    34.50 oz
Sally   36.80 oz
Marcie  37.75 oz

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quick update on Envy's puppies

Just a quick update on Envy puppies.  All eyes are open and they are walking!  They are starting to bark today. Hope you all saw and enjoyed the 2 week old photos from Wednesday's photoshoot!


All new 2 week old Brick puppy photos have been taken, cropped and sent to Steph.  She is not having a great on call week so please be patient! :)  She will get them up soon- no worries.  Stay tuned!  All puppies eyes are open and they are walking.

Brick's puppies 14 day old weights:
Penalty         23.75
SlapShot       28.50
Goalie           29.75
Enforcer       28.25
PowerPlay   28.75

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


All new photos up in Envy's puppy section, Enjoy!! Their eyes are starting to open today and they are walking around now!!
Here are the current weights...
Envy's puppies 14 days old
Sally     28.00 oz
Marcie  27.75 oz
Lucy      28.75 oz
Peppermint Patty   26.45 oz
Schroeder   28.50 oz

Monday, October 5, 2009

Brick X The Flash Litter Weights 1 week old

Brick Litter weights
Penalty      18.20 oz
SlapShot    23.75 oz
Power Play  23.50 oz
Enforcer    23.25 oz
Goalie        24.25 oz

New photos have been taken and should be up soooooon! Enjoy!
Also Frank Yang who own's The Flash stopped by on his way to a trial in TX.   He got to see the puppies and we got to meet The Flash and his son The Force.  I took family photos and will get them posted to Brick's puppy page under group shots and The Flash's section.  The Flash was a very  very HAPPY loving handsome dog.  The Flash tried his best to put some moves on Brick.  She was very sweet and just gave him her very best look saying "you are kidding right?". We are very glad Frank took the time to come see us!  

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vixen puppies Video 4 weeks old

All new photos of Vixen pups up today.  Here is a quick video of them!  Enjoy....

Scorch & Jedi puppies videos 5 weeks old

Here are some 5 week old videos.  The first one is them in the morning loading up in their "shuttle" to go to the yard to eat breakfast.  The second is them playing about an hour later after eating.  Hope you enjoy!!