Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jess, Widget and her babies.

Jess Love, Widget's owner came to town to 1.) get Widget, 2.) bring Kristi her Vision X Sooner puppy (Threat) and 3.) visit her friends and 4.) come to a Hyper Flight practice.  She came in Saturday morning and we pretty much didn't stop all day.  We had some (non otherwise committed) teammates over for a cook out/pool party.  We swam almost all the dogs, and I turned into a prune.  Actually so did Alias as the "harp seal" was in the water for over three hours.  I cooked on the grill, Kim made garlic monkey bread, Trish a spinach salad, and Jenny a very pretty red/white & blue cheesecake.  We had a very nice time.  The Widget puppies all impressed Gramma Jess with their brilliant swimming abilities. 
Little Fire goes home tomorrow.  He is now On Target's OffOn An Epiphany "Revelation" and is owned by Nancy Ross and co-own'd by myself.  He will live in Connecticut and be doing agility. Thursday baby Earth goes home.  Her call name will be Spice and her long name is yet to be determined.  She is owned by Cynthia Horner and co-own'd by myself.  She will be training in agility.  Last but not least Little Windy-Woo will be leaving Friday.  Her new mommy is Natalee Wrisk and lives in Florida.  Wind will be named ESPY and will be trained in agility also.   Even though they are little hellions, we will s them very much!!!
All will be quiet in the house until the end of August and then the borderstaffies will all start being born!